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Life Support is a program where we share our experience with life's issues. Join host Roman, along with others at Life Support where you can receive advice from the combined experiences of others that will help you work through your issues. You're not alone. Don't hold it inside. We'll help you find your own way. (Previously known as LIFE HACKS)

Join Roman's channel 'SUPPORT 24/7'.

Week #
Topics Discussed
1 3/26/16 What do you do when you feel alone?
2 4/2 What does being yourself mean to you?
3 4/9 Why do peoples' moods change?
4 4/16 Why do we keep things bottled up?
5 4/23 How do we deal with trust issues?
6 4/30 Why do we feel so alone?
7 5/7 Why do people bully?
8 5/14 How to determine who your support system is
9 5/21 How do we deal with breakdowns?
10 5/28 How to determine how someone feels
11 6/4 How to be yourself
12 6/11 The road to forgiveness
13 6/18 How to deal with a broken heart
14 6/25 Coping with depression & suicidal thoughts
15   Week # Skipped (Oops!)
16 7/2 Bereavement
17 7/9 Anger management
18 7/16 Why do we feel left out?
19 7/30 Recovering from trauma
20 8/6 Preventing self harm
21 8/13 Not sure of topic
22   Week # Skipped (Oops!)
23 8/20 How to end an unhealthy relationship
24 8/27 Finding patience
25 9/3 Making long-distance relationships work Pt. 1
26 9/10 Making long-distance relationships work Pt. 2
27 9/17 Taking time out for yourself
28 9/24 Recognizing catfishing on social media
29 10/1 Avoiding arguments through better communication
30 10/8 Successful romantic relationships
31 10/15 Getting better at expressing your emotions
32 10/22 Trying something new
33 10/29 Finding time to do what you love
34 11/5 Overcoming obsatcles
35 11/12 Venting
36 11/16/2016 Learning to let things go
37 5/13/2017 Overcoming bordom
38 5/20/2017 Steps to finding happiness




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