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ROF Classic Moments
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Classic Moments from Our Favorite Zello Channel
(Or 'Best of Ring Of Fire')

If you hear something memorable in Ring Of Fire that you think is worth adding to this page, please send the link via this form.

Funny Moments
Special Moments

Fast talking Bizike's morning greeting

Jolly old dude or creepy stalker?

Tisha's Christmas Mad-lib song @ ROF Holiday Party 2018

Ring Of Fire & civility. The right way to use Zello (W/ departed Capa)

Funny greeting to the untrusted by NavyGuy

When the Monkeys Jumped on the Bed

Real life joke(?)

Answer bureau, how may we help you? Pt. 1
Answer bureau, how may we help you? Pt. 2

"Exactly!" Gage Sound Bite

Wacko Tries to Help

Zello Weirdo's Odd Attempt at Being Trusted in

Weird Troll Kid

No 'PINK' Porn for these Scottish Lads... They Know Better

Speed Buggy Likes SPAM (Plus Fun Spam Brand Facts)

Jar Jar Binks in Ring Of Fire

Emails from an asshole: Angry Fish Tank Guy

Starship Ring Of Fire (This is your captain speaking)

Christopher Walken in ROF

Coolatta: Refreshing bevi or enema?

Kid makes wild attempt to get trusted

A commercial parody song from 90s by Serenity & sister

Warning! Troll Alert!

Commander Jack Love God Party King tries to get trusted by Boston

Weird conversation with his family

Why does this matter?

Hoss does funny Chinese rap song

Clubbed baby seal pt. 1
Clubbed baby seal pt. 2

"I never say anything wrong"

Love is a rumbling thing

3 month old chicken nuggets

Bugger Off!

Elusive Specimen

Holiday at Club Ring Of Fire

Anthony sings the 'Brady Bunch Theme'

Butt hurt because he was told he wasn't an ROF mod

Hippie version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'

Alexa, what does the fox say?

"Get your eyes checked"

'Beavis & Butthead' impersonations by Serenity

A highly unusual conversation. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A shit ton of drama for no reason (Foot-in-mouth disease)

What else will Zello come up with?

The joke's on YOU!

Caligraphy: A beautiful way to tell someone off in a letter

Mountain goat shit water

Riddle me this (How not to get what you want from an ROF mod)

Newest superhero, Fiber Man. + Worthless superheroes

"I will not drink that in a house, I will not drink that with a mouse"

"Please Open Me! I'll give you money. I'll give you my heart"

Another impersonation by Dante

A funny morning in ROF Pt. 1 (Commercial parodies & more)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 2
(Commercial parodies & more)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 3 (Commercial parodies & more)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 4 (Duck tape for everything & more)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 5 (Spread, cools cats, unexpected things & more. Pt 1)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 6 (Spread, cools cats, unexpected things & more. Pt 2)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 7 (The Serenity & Josh Show, BOGO coupon & Fukitol)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 8 (Recordings/recap/plans, annoying untrusted user & violating the found unicorn)
A funny morning in ROF Pt. 9 (The Josh & Josh Show - Impersonations)

Untrusted user remembers only 1 rule correctly

User comes to ROF to ask Liza to get trusted into NST

"F*** You All!!" (Not nice untrusted user)

Country/ Rap= CRAP

How old are you really? (pt. 1 In ROF)
His real age revealed (pt. 2 In ROF for Kids)

Letter from the Tooth Fairy (Article read for 'News Of The Weird' program)

Captain Planet

How to be trusted in ROF according to thatNAVYguy

Pita on a Field trip explains ROF

My favorite drink... and now for dessert

Project Pita prank at a drive thu

ROF Rules as read by Sammi

Back in my day...

Tony- DWZ: Drunk While Zelloing

You people are f***ed, F** You!!!

Nobody gives a honky shit...

Mod of the month! Coolest transmission ever from a mod...not!

Ring of warm fire welcome, Cody?

Alabama's Got Talent, Baby!

Poor baby is required to read rules to be trusted

That's another channel's rule

Kid feaks out for not receiving a reply within a few seconds

Tell me this doesn't make you want to yawn after listening to it

Is this English?

Training day for trolls

'Hits from the bong' song

(Part 1) User says he'll close channel and never retun because mod said watch the blank key up
(Part 2) User complains that his transmissions were shared and threatens to report it to his local police

Dante impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger

Toupee or not toupee...That is the question

"Please uninvite me..."

"Can we be friends?"

With so many vastly different choices of Mexican food, how would someone choose?

Too cold to talk, so mistaken for a creep

Markus is a brain in a jar

Oh, holy smart device

Funny Ring Of Fire mods

How many "You Know"s can you count?

Tale of the legendary roommate: case of bedbugs or meth addiction?

Duh! Zello is a talking app. Talking is what we're supposed to do

Road rage in Ring Of Fire

...And on the fourth day...


Mental health hotline

Jesus will take care of software bugs if you pray for them to get fixed

Ring Of Fire is Mickey Mouse's favorite Zello channel

Kermit the Frog likes Ring of Fire

TJ improvises a song & named it "Apples to Assholes"

TJ does impersonations, mostly animals

Drive thru order, by Corey

It's a talking app. Talking is what we're supposed to do

(Part 1) Dusty joins a new channel
(Part 2) Dusty joins a new channel

(Part 1) How Dusty edits images
(Part 2) Dusty lies about image and web design programs

Conner dubstep beat boxer

Pillsbury Dough Boy Obituary

Listen to this funny one from ROF Training

Alleged cyber security requesting mods status on ROF gets turned down

Dusty's (fake) Band Interview part 2 (pt 1 didn't get saved correctly on zello.com)
Dusty's (fake) Band interview part 3
Follow up (spin-off) to interview: Rolling Stone wants to interview Dusty

Mod acceptance speeches by PJ & Patrick

How to be a trusted Ring Of Fire guest- A rap by Serenity

'Dead Man's Party' by Serenity (Open Mic 3/25/18)

'Jesus Take the Wheel' by Nemo (Open Mic 3/25/18)

6:10 a.m. at Serenity's place

Tisha sings in ROF (For the first time)

Singers share during OPEN MIC (3/4/18)

Poems read (& some written) by guests/mods. (Open Mic 2/18/18)

A V-Day peom by Trisha

Roman Jackson sings in ROF for the first time ever

Zello poem 'Smile' by Serenity

'Amazing Grace' by ROF mod Marinda

Mod acceptance speech by returning mod Daniel

"...the best of civiliation"

OPEN MIC Early Edition Exerpts (now retired) wk #2: Part 1, Part 2

Hypnotizing Meditation with Serenity

Great mod acceptance speech by Nick

Another song by Dante

Transmissions from Serenity's surprise party
I know I promised some I'd share recordings, sorry but by the time I got to it, many recordings were gone from my history, but here's what I did find that's notable:
A poem by Nemo
Speech by ThatNAVYguy
Speech by Serenity

New Zello user finds long lost soulmate in Ring Of Fire. Reunited after 11 years apart. Awesome story!

Nemo sings during her program OPEN MIC (10-9-16)

New guest is smitten with Ring Of Fire

News of the Weird (8/18/2016)

Another great channel announcement by xXthatNAVYguyXx

Songs by Dante (Open Mic Sundays)

Beatbox Talent, Sherif (Open Mic Sundays)

'Ring Of Fire' song by xXthatNAVYguyXx

Premiere of NEWS OF THE WEIRD (Wed program)

ROF saves Zello's reputation

Song by Dante (Guitar Guy)

Serenity's cooing dove, Venus

Some OPEN MIC transmissions 5-10-15

Ring Of Fire song by Question?

Another li'l ditty from Question? "Ring Of Fire" song

Everything has a story

ROF is Mick's favorite channel too...

Justin.1992 also knows that Ring Of Fire is Zello's hottest channel

"...I love your channel"

The best channel ever on Zello!

Our Footprints

Another 'Ring Of Fire' song by Question?

Once upon a time in a land called Zellonia...

R. E. S. P. E. C. T. On Zello.
Where do you find it? Ring Of Fire!!

Wake up and make yourself

Our own special light

Corey sings: 'Feeling Fine'

Worldwide virtual communities

Sentimental Journey by Sheryl Z

POETRY NIGHT with Jamie 4-10-14

TJ performs 'Yesterday' on Open Mic

SPECIAL BONUS: Vine Videos by 3 ROF mods


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