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Hey everyone. We gave in and did it! We created a Zello Premium channel like our guests wanted.

We are keeping the name you know, love, and trust and just adding the word premium to make the new channel's name 'Ring Of Fire Premium'.
You are invited to join us and be a part of this very cool new Zello feature that one of the most established channels is now partaking in!
You can get in on the ground floor and be an early part of something that will surely be a big hit on Zello. The kind of fun you've come to love in Ring Of Fire can be expected there, plus more!

Here are some of the exciting things we are planning:

  • New programs
  • Games with real prizes!
  • Celebrity appearances: users can chat with and interview them
  • Holiday specials
  • Project PITA Show
  • Monthly drawings for gift cards & gifts
  • Random spontaneous events & games

Plus, you can expect the following the moment you join us:

  • No waiting to get trusted in... You 're already in!
  • Easier to get the mic button
  • NO waiting for pictures to be approved!
  • Voting in channel is enabled
  • All users & mods are able to send text messages and see them in the history
  • More laxed rules
  • No random untrusted strangers sandbagging and listening to you
  • The ability to download transmissions you missed while you weren't signed in to ROFP. You can even catch up on what you missed before you joined the channel!
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • No moderators interrupting discussions to make announcements to untrusted users
  • Seldom any trolls (since there's a fee). We haven't seen a single one yet!
  • Less users sending contact requests without asking (since there
    won't be untrusted users coming in for the purpose of sending them)
  • Guests often making a greater effort to respect the rules since they paid
  • Less people bugging to send you a contact request, epsecially with the new rule
  • You'll be in the company of many people you already know
    and get along with, which makes for a nicer atmosphere!
  • The same amazing moderators and owner!
  • Sensible rules based on respect and courtesy (as would be expected from a Ring Of Fire channel)
  • Wholesale pricing on Zello accessories to make Zelloing easier and more fun!
  • Sign up during the introductory period for a ticket that doesn't expire (Going to monthly tickets soon)

You can also enjoy these daily segments :

  • Your Daily Fortune
  • Meme (or funny picture) of the Day
  • Today's Holidays
  • Tip of the Day
  • This Day in History
  • Born on This Day (Famous Birthdays Today)

...And you will also experience the following special unscheduled programs on random ocassions:

  • Events
  • Games
  • General Knowledge Trivia
  • Ask the Magic 8 Ball
  • Astrological Forecast of the Day
  • ...And more!

Here's a preview of an upcoming new program exclusive to ROF Premium:

We welcome you to join ROF Premium and be a part of the fun daily segments, the new programs, the chat and more, as well as the exciting new things coming yor way soon. Get in early to watch ROFP grow and say you were one of the first couple hundred subscribers!
By joining early, you pay only a small one time ticket fee of $0.99, which doesn't expire during the introductory period. In the near future, premium channels will go to $0.99 per month. So, by joining early, you can really stretch a lot of time out of your small ticket price!

We hope to see you there to help us grow this amazing new channel and make all the possibilities come true that can't all be done on free channels.

Join us for some of our weekly programs in Ring Of Fire for a chance to win a ticket for 1 week to Ring Of Fire Premium. Or just hang out and chat...we may just surprise you with a free ticket! There's a much greater chance of winning during our programs, though...just so you know. This is a great way to get a sample of the terrific content you read about above. Several of our ticket winners have become subscrbers so they wouldn't miss out one of their favorite channels.

See the new channel on Zello.com

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JOIN TODAY! You can use the QR code below on your Zello app to join ROF Premium.

Be sure to ask for your daily fortune and personalized ROF profile image when you arrive!

Scan QR code with the Zello app to join Ring Of Fire
Scan QR code above with your QR scanner
on the Zello app to visit Ring Of Fire

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