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Ring of Fire Forum Disclaimer: Buy/Sell/Trade

Ring Of Fire and/or it's staff does not and will not assume any responsibility for anything posted in the 'Buy/Sell/Trade' forums. The 'Buy/Sell/Trade' forums are offered as a courtesy to our members. It is for the sole use of our members for private-party personal transactions, and any buying, selling, or bartering is done so at the member's own risk. ROF does not provide a means to make transactions, only to provide members a forum to list items available for sale or wanted items. The methods for conducting transactions (purchases) are at the sole discretion of the members who have decided to do business together. Members may post links to a marketplace where the item(s) may be purchased through, or if not applicable, they may decide together an alternate means of conducting transactions. We are not involved in any way in the transaction process, nor provide any legal intervention. We do, however, recommend for the purpose of the exchange of monies, that the members of transactions decide on a payment processor that provides buyer and seller protection in the event there are any issues that arise. In the event of any such issues, the parties involved in transactions are to try to work if out themselves, and if an amicable resolution cannot be attained, to request the assistance of the payment processor and/or credit card company/bank.










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