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Open Mic
8pm PT/ 11 ET
During OPEN MIC on Sundays, you can share any of your creative or musical talents, including jokes, impersonations, live singing, rapping, beatbox, music performance, amateur comedy or improv. You can share your own poetry or some of your favorites, your own studio or live recorded music or comedy, play some favorite comedy routines/skits, and whatever else you'd like to share. If you have some art or crafts you have created, feel free to post pictures and describe it (show & tell). You can even share links to your online videos or photo gallery. Our hosts, Nemo & Roman, will entertain you some of the time with some of their talents too! Some example transmissions from OPEN MIC.
Nemo & Roman
(_nemo_k & roman336)
Name That Tune
& Music Trivia
8 pm PT/ 11 ET
On Some Weeks
Tune in to NAME THAT TUNE/TUNE TRIVIA on Mondays and reminisce while Various Hosts play popular songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's from a variety of music genres while you guess the song title and artist. Listen while songs from yesteryear bring back fond memories. Song clips will alternate with music trivia questions during this funtastic hour long musical session. Music genres include rock, classic rock, hard rock, new wave, alternative, disco, Mo town, pop, country, post punk, and more.
Different Hosts
Each Week
Trivia Teasers
5 pm PT/ 8 ET
Join us Tuesdays in Ring Of Fire for an hour of TRIVIA TEASERS. OX & PJ will ask general trivia questions which will include a variety of categories and subjects. Some will be multiple choice, but others you will have to think harder about and use your own answers.
OX & PJ (DFT Jester & sledgehammer 0428)
News of the Weird
8pm PT/ 11 ET
Join Ring Of Fire on Tuesdays for open discussions about weird news that hosts Shan & Radio uncovers from around the globe and shares with the channel.
See audio archives for a sample of News of the Weird.
(Just A Sweetie)
8:30pm PT/ 11:30 ET
Radio & Serenity kicks off some laughs and face palms with some unbelievable tales of human blunders and idiotic things that never should have been. Includes wild stories about dumb criminals, pranks gone wrong, ridiculous lawsuits, stupid laws, hilarious trolling, idiotic accidents, epic fails, shocking confessions, and awkward situations. It's back to back weirdness with News of the Weird and Unbelievable! on Tuesday nights.
& Sheryl
Glimpse Into the Unknown
6 pm PT/ 9 ET
Join the crew in Ring Of Fire on Saturdays for open discussions on the subjects of unsolved mysteries, the paranormal, metaphysical topics, scientific intrigue, oddities, anomalies, conspiracies or conspiracy theories, controversial subjects, history, notorious villains, and more. At the end of the program, the hosts may give you, the participant, an opportunity to chime in on the topic you would like to discuss the following week or in the near future. The topic is different each week, so tune in to see what it is!
See the upcoming & past topics for this program here
Cooking with
7 pm PT/ 10 ET
Join Speed Buggy & Shanni each Wednesday for a scrumptious epicurean experience. Our host will guide the program as you and other guests tantalize your tastebuds while participating in an open discussion about mouth-watering food and drink recipes, cooking methods, eating, dining, cookware and utensils, meat handling, produce selection, seasonings & sauces and more. Tune in each week to share some of your favorite ways to prepare foods from all food categories, your favorite and newly found dining spots and food products, and learn some great tips and recipes from others. Bring your favorite dish to this virtual potluck!
(Just A Sweetie)
& Mark
(Speed Buggy)
Friday Mash Up
11am PT/ 2pm ET
Join the fun and wacky personalities of Tisha & Ox for this lively variety show. Be there for the fun, laughs, and entertainment. You'll never know what to expect when the three hosts come together for this program, but it's bound to be wild!! Come see what the weirdos have in store for you! Be sure to be there for the HOT SEAT segment each week! Maybe you'll get your buns burned or stay tuned to see what the hot seat question of the day is.

(DFT Jester)

Groovy Games
6 pm PT/ 9 ET

Get your bellbottoms and tie dyes on and join PJ & Shanni in ROF for a fun hour filled with random games, which may include mad libs, brain teasers, riddles, 20 questions, would you rather?,quizzes, 2 truths & a lie, story chain, who/what am I?, guess what the close up is, guess the person, who said this? and so many more! Be sure to be there for the HOT SEAT segment! Maybe you'll get your buns burned or stay tuned to see what the hot seat question of the day is.

(sledgehammer 0428)
& Shan
(Just A Sweetie)
Did You Know?
6 pm PT/ 9 ET
Come into Ring Of Fire on Saturdays to expand your knowledge base with fun and random facts. Ox will entertain you with tidbits of interesting info for your perusal. Join in the fun and feel free to toss in your own random facts if you wish.
(DFT Jester)
Fun Around the Fire
7 pm PT/ 10 ET
Have lots of Fun Around the Fire on Saturdays with Serenity & Shanni. For your ntertainment, we will host a variety of fun random segments & regular segments, such as This Day in History, Our Weekly Forecast, Tip of the Week, and Audience Choice, where YOU can choose one of 3 games every week to participate in. There may be a surprise interview with a special guest, some random facts that you never knew existed, a riddle to solve, and sooo much more! There's always something special in store for you and you'll never know what it might be until you tune in! So, connect to Ring Of Fire and feel free to join in the Fun Around the Fire!! See the fun videos created from this program.
& Shanni
& just a sweetie)
Random Days
What in the World?
Random days & times
Join Tisha in Ring Of Fire approximately once a week on random days & times for some odd paranormal tidbits, urban legends, myths, phenomenon in popular culture, folklore, and more.

Tisha (Tangeleyes1974)


Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about our programs below. You can also share in program discussions on our forums.

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