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An open topic chat channel. Intellectual conversation is appreciated.
Light hearted humor is encouraged, as laughing is good for the soul.

(Extended & elaborated rules & guidelines)

_________ ABSOLUTELY NO: _________

Disrespect to anyone
Drama, rumors, and bad attitudes
Racism/ prejudice/ discrimination
Distasteful pics on profile or posting or talk
F word, N word, or C word
Sending contact requests to strangers or without asking. (TIP: wait til you talk with them for a while first) Please extend this courtesy to include users' other social media profiles.
Annoying noises (includes creepy voices)
Dead/ blank key ups
Asking users for their personal info (It's recommended you don't share the same openly in channel for your safety)
Asking for money (includes donations & asking for bills to be paid, such as phone bills)
Hitting on people/ flirting
Hateful, violent, racist, or pedophilia content on profile ("I'll kick your ass if you mess with me/friends/fam, etc..." excluded) or subjects
Being intoxicated
Complaining about the rules
Trolling (being intentionally annoying, goading/antagonizing people, topics to shock others, etc.)

_____________ PLEASE: ____________

Allow others their point of view without insult
Limit profanity
Try to not cut off anyone
Don't be a mic hog (Let it go around before you use it again)
Try to keep most transmissions under 1 min to allow others the use of the mic
Ask mods (or users if no mods are present) prior to singing/playing music/TV
Please talk to users you just met for a while before asking for friend request
Be 17 years of age or older

_______________ YES: ______________
Sometimes people believe the following isn't allowed, but IT IS OKAY

Discussions about politics (but please don't get worked up)
Discussions about religion (but no preaching or praying, however a moment of silence for prayer or meditation is fine)
Profile or posted pictures of guns or other weapons (but no pics of guns pointed at someone or the camera. ie, no depictions of violence)
Pictures of marijuana on your profile (please no paraphernalia images though)
Discussions about anything as long as it conforms to rules above
Info/logos/'tags' about your channel(s) on your profile description or picture, as well as your other social media info & links
Cleavage/scantily clad women in a profile pic (as long as 50% or more of breasts are covered and at least most of the ass is covered, then it's fine)
You can send channel invites to Ring Of Fire to your contacts
You can channel promote, but only with mod permission first (for each time)

If you have ill intent toward ROF and are campaigning to do harm to the channel and it is discovered, you will be blocked, regardless if your actions against ROF are in the channel.

All Zello channels are public and anything you say can and may be recorded at any time and shared in a variety of mediums and even aired live regardless if permission isn't granted by ROF. Read the following for further details on your privacy & Zello's TOS, etc.
Zello Community Guidelines
Zello Terms of Service
Zello Privacy Policy
Zello Security and Privacy Features

Thank you for choosing Ring Of Fire!

To Become a Trusted User:
Once you have read the rules, press the mic and tell the moderators you have read the rules and will follow them. Please tell them 3 of our rules you read so we can verify you read them. Once you comply, you will be granted trusted status and the whole channel will be able to hear you when you mic up.

Minors Go to Ring of Fire for Kids
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Questions/Comments/Issues write:
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