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This page was inspired by the pic below
and Zello users.

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If you have a legitimate issue, use this form. If you are a sensitive little baby, use the form below.

Someone made a comment or posted a pic in open channel that I didn't agree with
Someone said they need "to get to know me better" before accepting my contact request and I really wanted to blow up their PM with creepy bullshit
Someone said something that brought up bad memories and made me cry
I lost a debate
I couldn't get the mic when I wanted to
I can't say 'Fuck'!!!!!!
I was blocked and I didn't do anything wrong! Wah!
A mod or admin didn't respond to my request within 4 seconds
Someone I don't know sent me a contact request without asking
I was being an asshole but didn't receive a warning before being blocked.
They didn't let me blare my music or sing my stupid song
I was told not to be a mic hog after talking for 2.5 minutes straight
I was humiliated by own incompetence
I'm so confused. I don't really understand what the hell really happened
I couldn't argue with logic
I was reminded of the channel rules
The mod wouldn't trust me without reading a couple of the rules
I was bounced for having an ass crack pic on my profile
I didn't want to talk about the topic and they wouldn't change it
My picture wasn't approved right away
No one said hello back unitl I said hello a second time
Yes, but I was out of tissues, damn it!
Yes, I am going to sue!
I'll get back to you with an answer after a few weeks of therapy
Yes. Now I'll need a labotomy
Yes, but a bottle of Nyquil helped
Yes, I am going to sue for lost wages!
Yes! You owe me a new phone!
Yes! You owe me a new bottle of Jack Daniels
Yes. I'm never going trust anyone ever again!
Wait! There's Zello Police?
They are a big meanie poopy face who should be banned from Zello and the Internet forever or at least until they learn that I am right and they are wrong
They deserve to be hunted down like a dog and shot dead on their own front porch.
They and everyone in ROF deserve to be rounded up and herded into concentration camps.
There should be laws to punish people like that.
They should be lined up in front of a firing squad!
I know the real Anonymous who will have them hacked and stalked and their computer wiped clean and they'll lose their job and cease to exist in any datebase at all.
I wish I could punch them in the face and spit in their cornflakes!
All of the above
I wrote a six thousand word response detailing the extent of my butthurt and posted it all over social media.
I whined and complained in other channels and in private with all my Zello contacts.
I red flagged their account and the channels they go to.
I posted this persons RL information everywhere I could think of; they'll get a Molotov cocktail through their bedroom window sooner or later, and that'll teach them to mess with me.
I played death metal real loud for hours until my ears bled.
I realized that arguing on Zello or the Internet is usually pointless and found something else to do with my time.

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