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See the Nighttime Calendar (night in the US)

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Tech Toast
10am PT/
1 pm ET
Tech Toast will be a segmented program containing a variety of different subjects. This can span everything from how radios work to the history of supercomputers. You will hear of weekly tech news updates and new releases as well as tech support for your everyday keyboard mashing faux pas. Join Larry as he guides a journey through the wonderland of tech. Who knows, you might learn something…
Topics will vary but may include: Tech News- An outline of recent tech announcements and news; Gadget Reviews- Reviewing new gadgets and gizmos; Tech Support- Helping users in the channel with their tech needs; Tech History- A look back at how things were and how they started; How it Works- How does this (computer language, mother boards, calculators, raid 0, etc.) work? See the topics for this program.
Fitness on Fire
2 pm PT/
5 pm ET
Join Chet on Tuesday for Fitness on Fire. Chet will discuss with you and answer questions regarding health, nutrition, fitness, sports, athletics, product testing and recommendations and more. Listen to recordings from the program, as well as see past topics discussed.
Paranormal Files
6pm PT/ 9 ET
Join Tisha in Ring Of Fire on Tuesdays for open discussions about anything paranormal. The topic will change each week to include many of the following topics and much more: Ghosts & hauntings, UFO's aliens & encounters, deja vu, reincarnation, karma, astral projection, demons, cryptozoology, Bermuda Triangle, psychic abilities, afterlife, or possibly any of these topics. The first Tuesday of each month will be general Paranormal & metaphysical discussions.
New day & time October 9th! With the addition of Carrie as host! UPDATE: Carrie is the sole host as of November 6th.

Tisha (Tangeleyes1974)

Friday Mash Up
11am PT/ 2pm ET
Join the fun and wacky personalities of Tisha, Reaper & Ox for a new variety show coming October 12th. Be there for the fun, laughs, and entertainment... and not to mention the prizes during the premiere! You'll never know what to expect when the three hosts come together for a variety show, but it's bound to be wild!! Come see what the weirdos have in store for you!

Tisha (Tangelseyes1974),
(archangel of death)
Ox (DFT Jester)

See the Nighttime Calendar (night in the US)
TECH TOAST - A Ring Of Fire program on Zello
FITNESS ON FIRE - A program on Ring Of Fire on Zello

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