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If you or someone you know has been a victim of cyber-bullying/ cyber-stalking
harassment, bullying or hurt by anyone on Zello, REPORT IT!

If anyone actually wonders why I would share this. Well after examining much of this page, there should be no question left.


Jojo's (Owner of NonStopTalk, etc.) Harassment, Lies,
and Insults Towards Sheryl Z & Ring Of Fire mods.

UPDATE: Fortunately after several months of harassment, it cools down. Maybe Jojo and her mods stopped so their behavior would no
longer be posted on here. Afterall, with this report's existence, they were their own worst enimies and only made themselves look bad.
The drama started January 2014 and mellowed around September 2014, 2 months after this report was launched.

For those who are wondering what all the talk is (was) about,
this page is here to somewhat explain it AND reveal EVIDENCE that Jojo has been lying & harassing people.

(See Below For REAL Evidence)


I hope this helps clear up some confusion for you about what was going on and why there was so much drama around this issue. Jojo chose to involve a lot of people.
Sheryl is just making the truth available to those who are being dragged into it or are wondering what all the fuss was about.

You may have heard something like this:
"Jojo and Sheryl Z are at a disagreement or war". Or "NonStopTalk and Ring Of Fire are fighting." Etc.....

But, what you may not know is that this is not actually the case. The truth is that there is no fight, war, rivalry, or competition, not that is participated in on both sides, anyway. What's really been happening is harassment and cyber stalking. This is a case of a self-entitled girl who seems obsessed with having the only big open topic channel on Zello and has gone to great lengths and used every nasty trick she can muster up to hurt and slander others. She has not been the only one who has engaged in the harassment, as she has enlisted the help of many, by using lies and manipulation tactics to further her hate campaign against an innocent channel owner, who opened Ring Of Fire solely for the sake of bringing a positive element to Zello.

Jojo's odd behavior has been going on for months... since the very week Ring Of Fire was created. Since then, Jojo has become obsessed with her game of stalking and harassing me, Sheryl Z. Jojo may justify her reasons, but there are no justifiable reasons as to why she does this. She pretends to be innocent and tells people that SherylZ and her mods are doing the things that she and her acquaintances are actually doing themselves (in psychological terms, this is called "projection': to accuse the other person of what they are really doing). All the while, I have done my best to just ignore their behavior and accusations. I have NEVER stooped to Jojo's level and don't play those petty, immature little games. I'm a mature woman and have no need or desire to engage in any such activities and have much better things to do with my time on Zello. I have good friends and awesome people around me in my channel and I enjoy my time with them. This is how I choose to spend my time on Zello. I prefer good times and don't want to impose BS and drama on anyone, regardless of what they do to me or say about me. I prefer to help people on Zello... and do, quite a bit; making a positive impact on people lives, rather than negative ones.

You may wonder if I have participated in this 'war' and fought back with some or many of the same tactics Jojo has. The answer is NO! I have not. It's true that I have lent an ear when others came to me with information or questions about Jojo's obsession with me and ROF or her harassment towards others and engaged in conversation about it, but that is where it ends, until recently. As Jojo increased her harassment tactics and came into ROF (again) to make accusations and a threat, I finally decided to write to Zello about the harassment. Nancy at Zello said to submit evidence if it continues and told Jojo to back off. She didn't. Her behavior only worsened. So, then, I started picking up the little bread crumbs from the long trail of harassment and drama Jojo and her associates left. That's where it ends. Until now. Now, I'm bringing that evidence I shared with Zello, plus all I have gathered since then, into the spotlight, to reveal the truth to those who really want to know what's been going on. Are you ready for the truth?

Below, you'll see and hear evidence that indicates some of the harassment techniques Jojo has creatively devised. You may not otherwise believe that these things claimed here were true, so...let's let the evidence speak for itself, shall we? You'll understand this is a twisted obsession of a troubled young woman. She has taken the role of a channel owner WAY too far. She is out of control and seems incapable of stopping, as stalkers normally are. Don't believe me? Read up on it. I have been compelled to read up on stalkers myself, so I can better understand the situation I am confronted with and why she behaves like that. The background of such persons I read of is parallel to the background I know of Jojo and her upbringing and other traits. She appears to be a classic textbook stalker. And...stalkers cannot stop, not until they are stopped. They become obsessed and focused on little else. A truce did not stop Jojo. It was just a lie.

In addition to the harassment and stalking Jojo has perpetrated against me, Jojo has also harassed and lied about a number of other channel owners and other innocent Zello users, but I am not going to bring that to light, as she has not forced me to do so. She and her mods/associates have also been contacting/sending contact request to me and some of Ring Of Fire's mods and she has been attempting to get others involved in her petty fight. I could go on and write a quarter of a book on the things Jojo has been doing, but I will save some time and reveal the evidence below. Keep in mind, this is just a small fraction of the things she and her associates have been doing and it's only things she's been doing towards me and some of ROF mods...not any of the other countless users on Zello she has been harassing before and since I joined Zello.

I have much better things to do with my time, but since I have this evidence already since Zello said to collect it, and there are many who don't have a clear picture of what has been going on (either because of lies, misinformation through the rumor mill, or are just in the dark), I'm taking the time to share this. I only recently started to gather evidence, so keep in mind, had I attempted to gather evidence sooner, there would be much more, granted though, it would still be a small fraction of her bad behavior towards me, and especially others. I am tired of Jojo's lies about me and my mods and her harassing behavior and I do not understand why she makes the claims against me and my mods when we have not done any of those things. I do NOT go into her channels and harass her and her mods, as Jojo and others keep claiming. Many times, Jojo has shared some conversations that I had with some of her mods or others and claim they are harassment, but they came to me to talk to me and, in fact, most came to me for the sake of getting recordings and then shared them. Afterwards, they and Jojo claimed that they are harassment. Most of these conversations are some of the very same recordings below. I don't mind sharing them. I have nothing to hide. I am being totally transparent and bringing you the truth here. I think if you can use your brain, you can tell that they are NOT harassment. They are conversations and ones that her associates initiated. They are not me starting drama. I had no inclination to start a conversation with them. They wanted the conversations. Jojo keeps making false claims and people keep asking and talking about this "war", etcetera, so that is why I am under pressure to set the record straight. At least to those who are really willing to digest the truth. Are you ready? Can you handle the truth? Or will you choose to continue to believe lies, whereas there is nothing to back it up? Maybe even allow yourself to be coerced into not going into a room you want to for fear of being cast out? Or told who not to associate with? Or worse; be used to harass someone who doesn't deserve it or spread lies about innocent people?

Another reason why I'm sharing all this is because Jojo has been repeatedly claiming that and I have been engaging in the behavior that she and her people has. People are blindly believing it without any evidence and thinking she is the poor victim of me and ROF mods. I want the truth to be revealed that not only are we at ROF innocent of her claims, but that Jojo and her followers are the ONLY ones engaging in this harassing behavior. Go to zello.com/shared/#latest and type in the 2 usernames I use to talk on: sherylz and Sheryl_Z in the second text field named "From User" and see if you can find a shred of evidence that indicates that I am doing any of these things she claims. Do you hear me claiming I have done anything like that? Do you hear me trolling NST channels? Do you hear me laughing about anything like that? Do you hear me delegating to people to do things like that? Try searching for one of the 10+ accounts that Jojo uses to talk on and harass people with. You may have to listen through a lot, but you WILL surely hear some pretty nasty things come from her mouth. People have always trolled NST & FONST- long before I ever entered Zello. I am not the one behind some, any, or all of the trolling and anything else that goes wrong in Jojo's channels.

Some of the things below are not just evidence of Jojo's behavior, but her indirect involvement too, as there are many people who she has recruited, conspired with, and inspired to harass me and my mods and interfere with the operation of RIng Of Fire. There's also evidence of her asking others to engage in her sick obsession. Any evidence that is originated outside of ROF has been given to me by people who do not agree with the way Jojo behaves. I never once asked anyone to get any of this evidence or asked for anyone for anything besides to be a vigilant mod to keep the drama out of ROF. Almost all of the evidence only goes back to May, but she has been harassing and lying about me since January 2014. I just didn't start gathering it until recently, as I have been ignoring it for quite some time. But....when is enough, ENOUGH? It wasn't until she came into ROF and made false claims and a threat that I decided it was time to attempt to put a stop to her behavior by informing Zello. It was after a Zello employee told me to gather evidence to support my claims that I began collecting it and investigating.

Jojo has really lost control and gone off the deep end! She has gone into other channels unprovoked and bothered channel owners, in addition to poorly treating some mods and guests in her channels. Most people that had gone through any of what I have over the past several months would have either retaliated and stooped to her level or left Zello all together, but very few would actually take the high road, as I have. I wonder how many users have left Zello or even given up on their channels because of Jojo's harassment outside her channels. Or how many mods and users have left due to her loose, wishy-washy, biased/selective, and ever-changing rules and mistreatment by her and her mods in her channels. Do you wonder too?

Do you think by revealing the truth and evidence below that it's harassment? Does a news reporter who reports on a story get accused of harassment? Does the perpetrator of a crime in a story complain to people and act like they're a victim of the mean reporter? Perhaps this is stirring the pot a little, but anyone who can use their brain in a logical sense can comprehend that it is not harassment. Jojo insists that this page is harassment and slander. TRUTH is NOT slander! According to Merriam-Webster slander is: "to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone".

NOTE: I will make very little speculation and just present mostly facts here. If I am assuming anything or arriving at a conclusion, you will see words like: "I believe..."; "it is likely that..."; "as far as I can tell...", from what I have observed...", etc.

One more note for the record. My mods are quite respectful, however, I cannot vouch 100% that they haven't gone into NST. I highly doubt that even if they have, that they have been disrespectful in any of Jojo's channels, let alone, harassed anyone. As far as ROF guests, many of them are guests in other channels and I cannot control, nor monitor what they do in other channels. I can, however vouch 100% for me. I know far better than Jojo or her mods (despite her convincing claims) if I am going into NST channels and trolling or harassing anyone in or out of her channels. I KNOW I have not done anything of the sort. I DO NOT have to prove it! They are Jojo and her associates' claims, not mine, so the burden of proof is upon them. Therefore, I challenge anyone to get and provide this proof. In fact, I am offering a reward for said proof. Yes, I do have the money, but, I am so confident that any such proof will not be able to be produced by anyone. I hereby submit this challenge. Game on! Go ahead and try.

$500 REWARD!
Submit irrefutable audible proof that I (Sheryl Z) have harassed Jojo or her mods or ever
trolled NST or FONST or delegated these actions to anyone, like Jojo has repeatedly claimed.
If you can provide this proof, I will give you $250 and donate $250 to the 501(c) charitable organization of your choice.

I'm not interested in entertaining any more unsubstantiated claims made by Jojo,
so please do not submit anything of that kind. It is merely heresy and lies!
(Keep in mind, if Jojo plays recordings of me talking to her mods or others, they made first contact and they are merely conversations revealing the trouble she has caused
...NOT harassment, etc..)

This offer is also and especially available to Jojo (Jalisa), herself, the one who has made most of these declarations.
Feel free to ask her for the proof to back up her claims. Since she has been so vocal, she surely must have some evidence, right?

Remember, the burden of proof is upon the claimant.
As a claimant, I am providing irrefutable proof below. Where's Jojo's proof? The one who has made far more claims than I and has proclaimed to be an innocent victim of the "nasty old BS lady" and villainous Sheryl Zaed, who has endlessly been picking on the poor 20 year old damsel. Where is Jojo's proof? Bring it on and the money will rain down!

BTW-the only "proof" Jojo has is something she fabricated. See entry #75 below. Yes, she manufactured it because she has NOTHING! Not one single shred of real evidence, despite her incredible efforts to drive me to react and stoop to her level and do any of the things she has been declaring I have done. WOW! How low can one person really go? (Too bad I found out.)
I guarantee if I had done anything Jojo claims, she would have proof. You will discover evidence below that she has been desperately seeking proof for quite some time, so if anything she claims was true, she absolutely would snatch up that evidence in a heartbeat!

Yes, Jojo is a stalker, but that doesn't explain why she does that or why she chose me as a target. Scroll to the bottom of the page to try to understand why people like Jojo do the type of things revealed below and why she launched a smear campaign against me.

WARNING! Some of the recordings below are quite foul and explicit. Particularly the recordings of Jojo.

If anyone wonders for a second that any screenshots below are fake, I welcome you to use 'image analysis software' that will reveal if they were digitally manipulated.
None of the recordings have been maniputated either. As I said, I have nothing to hide and have no reason to make someone look worse than they really are by omitting things to display it out of context or manipulating the recordings.
Some recordings are not "shared" on Zello. For those, there is at least 1 reason for each as follows:
1. They are way too long. 2. To protect innocent sources in the recordings. 3. To keep that drama off of the ROF page on Zello. 4. So Jojo or her associates would not discover I was on to their sick behavior.

Details of Evidence
(Rows in darker gray are screenshots or recordings of Jojo's lies and bad behavior)
(links to files)
1 Jan, 2014
One of Jojo's mods (now ex-mod), who thought he was being helpful, as he believed what Jojo had claimed about me, was asked to come to me to catfish to find out "who (what NST mod) was being disloyal to Jojo and feeding me information." First off, there is no proprietary information or any special secrets that anyone has, let alone, that I would want. So, I don't understand what information she was paranoid about me receiving. Can you figure it out? As you can see, this has been going on since the inception of Ring Of Fire. (which was opened on 12/30/2014 by the way.) Here's a recording of a conversation I had with him in May, some time after he realized how Jojo really is and that he was being used, admitted what she asked him to do.
Audio File
2 4/17
Image of Jojo she put on her profile when talking with one of my mods in order to manipulate him by making him feel sorry for her. Yes, those really are tears on her face in that photo. This is one of Jojo's very over used tactics.
3 4/22
I awoke from a nap and switched to my "waking" account (the account I use when I am awake and available to talk), looked at my recents, and saw there was a message next to Lilly's name (NST ex-co-owner) and thought "oh, nice, Lilly took a moment to say hello". What I heard was quite the opposite and very unexpected. I heard her frantically speaking of something of which I knew nothing about, nor had anything to do with. I left her a reply, (as you'll hear to the right) as her message was left earlier, while I was sleeping and she wasn't online at the time I heard the message. Since I haven't been "harassing" anyone, as Lilly says here, I wonder what she is really asking me to stop. Stop Jojo, maybe...?
Audio File
4 4/23

(re: # 3) I discovered what the above message (from Lilly) was about. Someone who was in FONST the night before, was a witness to what had taken place in that channel and played those transmissions of it for me. What I heard was Jojo yelling, swearing, insulting, and arguing with a person. She also called another person, ('Wheels 1984') who spoke up once, a "blind ass motherfucker". Some other people chimed in, including Deputy Dawg (Erich Deaton), as well as Lilly, who repeatedly tried to get Jojo to stop her rant, as well as the person Jojo was mostly arguing with. Then the person Jojo was yelling at mentioned my name and then said I had recordings of her (which I didn't have at the time, nor was seeking) and she got really angry and said what is in the recording shared here. Lilly then tried one more time to get Jojo to stop and darn near acted like I was present in the channel. I guess that since she couldn't get Jojo to stop, she came to me as if I could do something to make her stop with her anger and hatred towards me and others. Gee whiz! What could I do, really? I can't stop Jojo. Just because my name was mentioned didn't mean I had anything to do with the argument, what was said of me, Jojo and her mod's harassment, or Jojo's intense hatred of me, so it was ridiculous that Lilly came to me to stop, when I, nor my mods were bothering Jojo or any of her mods and other associates.

Shared Audio
5 5/17
Jojo enters ROF and makes false accusations and a threat.

Right after this recording, she talked to one of my mods (he was actually only a mod for a day since I felt he was too young to represent ROF) in private. She just spewed out more lies. Listen to the 2nd recording. She shared the recordings of this conversation and it had over 100 listens in less than 9 hours (when I noticed it) after she entered ROF and made the threat and accusations. I can see this is staged to be another way to slander me. She can get her lies out to more people with shared recordings than she can one or a few at a time. This guy was modding only for an hour, so her telling him to stop trolling her channels is absurd. Where's the proof?!

Shared Audio
Shared Audio

6 5/17
On the slight chance that there was any validity to Jojo's accusation (re: #5), I asked her earnestly to reveal the person(s) that she believed was a mod who did what she claimed, so I could get to the bottom of it and discipline him/them, as I do not condone abusive behavior/trolling, etc. Jojo did not reply that day, so I later asked one of her mods who was a guest in ROF if she knew anything about the harassment of the NST mod(s) that Jojo alleged. She did not.
7 5/18 (re: #5) Jojo still didn't reply, so I asked her again, just the same as before, not mentioning anything else, but the subject of her claim.  
8 5/19
(re: #5) Still, 2 days later, I still had no reply by Jojo about the claim she stated in ROF, so I left a message for Lilly asking if she knew anything about it. Want to hear the recording, ask Jojo, She has it and claims it is the best proof of my harassment and loves to play it for people.
9 5/19

(re: #5) Since Jojo had not yet replied to my request regarding the above situation, I assumed it was just another harassment tactic. Being fed up and having ignored her nasty behavior long enough, I emailed Zello about Jojo's behavior. The email was forwarded to Nancy of Zello, who knows the Jojo that she wants Nancy to know, so therefore, Nancy is quite biased. Nancy emailed Jojo and I in response to this. (See near the bottom)

10 5/19
(re: #5) When Jojo finally replied, she got on Lilly's account and all she did was insult me and make more false claims and act like I was harassing her, when she was the one who came into ROF with her claims. Not once did Jojo ever address the issue about her claim (NST mod being harassed), which leads me to believe it was just another nasty tactic to harass me.
Audio File
11 5/20
An owner of a channel came to ROF and asked to speak to me privately. He told me that Jojo came to his channel, asking him to join in her fight against me. According to him, he said that if what she claims is true, she should have some proof of what she is claiming. I like that he used his brain, unlike most of Jojo's goons who blindly believe her claims. She said indeed she did and they were quite incriminating. She shared 3 recordings with him. He told me that they were not incriminating at all. And, these were her best and only recordings she had. So, he came to me to find out what the truth really is. It surprises me that when she plays these recordings to these stupid people who believe her, that they can agree that they are harassing. She tries to recruit as many people as possible and apparently, even this guy who didn't know her.
12 5/22
KIK messages sent to NST/FONST moderators from Jojo of the email Nancy sent her. By her sending this email out to her mods, that indicates that she is involving her mods in her fight against me and ROF. Why else would she send it out, if not to involve them? And if you ponder the possibility for one moment that she didn't send *out that KIK to her mods, then consider this: How did I get it, then? This was sent to me by a mod of hers who is just appalled by the way she talks about me and ROF and the way she harasses us.
3-in-1 Screenshot
13 5/22
Someone came to me telling me that Jojo had asked him to catfish me; to get recordings. He played a message of her asking and talking some shit, but when I was done with the conversation, the recordings had already left the history and they were gone from his too, unfortunately.
14 5/23
KIK message from Jojo asking her mods to spy and catfish in ROF.
15 5/22 &
NST mod came into ROF on 5/22 & 5/23 (user name: "smokietb") On 5/22, the day Nancy emailed Jojo, one of her mods came into ROF and came back many times during the next 2 days. Screenshot taken the next morning at 7:43 am PDT.
16 5/23
User came into ROF with a pic of me (username: Uranus Smells) and trolled the channel in the untrusted area. Though I have no proof, I suspect that since Jojo snoops around ROF a lot, that she copied the pic from the ROF FB page where it was posted just 1 day prior, and then gave it to Mel. It's the type of thing she would do. Nonetheless, she had knowledge of it and thought it was funny.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

17 5/23
(re: #16) Recordings of the above user who came into ROF with a pic of me (username: Uranus Smells) She normally goes by the name" "Malicious" of the channel "Malicious Banter".
Shared Audio
18 5/23
(re: #16) Malicious' friend "Claw Boss" (It shows the name “Things are going to get better”. Since she is on my contact list) She came into the channel right after Malicious trolled ROF.
19 5/23 (re: #16) ROF user list. A few people came into the channel just as Mel was trolling the channel to listen in for entertainment. Screenshot
20 5/23 (re: #16) Recording of Jojo laughing and admitting knowledge of "Uranus Smells" trolling in ROF. Did Jojo have anything to do with that idea, I wonder. Audio File
21 5/23
KIK file of Jojo telling her moods to "monitor, catfish and ear hustle" in ROF to gain recordings, etc. BTW- I had to look up the definition of 'Catfish' on Urban Dictionary. That was the first time I had heard of it. In case you don't know, it means to create a false online profile in order to deceive someone.
22 5/23
Conversation with an ex-NST mod who explained that Jojo asked him to come to me under false pretenses to gather information from me about who it was that was giving me information about...I guess, NST? The odd thing is, no one was being un loyal to her. She was just being paranoid. I wanted to keep his name private, so I recorded the history to an audio file instead of a share. This incident happened in January, 2014.
Audio File
23 5/23 NST mod ('roadrunner105') comes into ROF. Screenshot
24 5/24 NST mod in ROF. (user name: 'dgeiger07') He did not come into ROF until this day. No doubt he came in because Jojo asked him to. Screenshot
25 5/24
Recording of Jojo under an account named: "Djlover4life". This was while she was ROF with a couple of her goons she asked to come in and troll. She was there so she could listen to them bring the quality of the conversation down and laugh. about it. So juvenile! . (See #s 26, 27 & 28)
Shared Audio
26 5/24
(re: #25) Recording of Jojo and her 3 mods/users who trolled ROF and gave my mod (w/ asbergers) a hard time. (user names: Djlover4life [Jojo], 'forgoten warrior' [NST mod (AKA "AussieMick')]; Dj Awesome 1985 [possible NST mod using different username than he mods with] svolks57 [NST mod])
Audio File
27 5/24
(re: #25) Recording Jojo (as 'Djlover4life') shared on Zello of the above conversation. I guess she thought it was funny and funny enough to share with others so they can sit laugh about it. There were 52 plays in just 3 days by the time I found this on Zello.com. I am guessing she shared it with a lot of people. Don't you think this is sick behavior? Do you think it is funny?
Shared Audio
28 5/24
(re: #25) Channel screenshots of Jojo and 3 of her mods/users who came into ROF to troll and disrespect people. Another of her mods was also there. ('svolks')

Screenshot 1

29 5/24
& 25
Screenshots of Jojo and her mods sending contact requests to multiple accounts of mine. Screenshot 1: 'paul the bull' (NST mod); Screenshot 2: 'Djlover4life' (Jojo in disguise); Screenshot 3: 'forgoten warrior' (Jojo's goon) Screenshot 4: 'forgoten warrior'. This shows that Jojo and her mods/followers are trying to contact me to harass me.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

30 5/25
4:28 pm PT
ROF user list showing Jojo's fake profile name "Djlover4life" and image of transmissions from her at the same time. Transmission of her as well. You can clearly hear this is Jojo disguising her voice. Also notice the "Psshh" sound every time she keys up. Compare this to other transmissions of her on her known accounts such as "ThunderOnACloudyDay! or". This is undeniably Jojo's voice. I think she has a new phone now because I do not hear it anymore on recent recordings. But, if you compare this recording to other recordings from 5/25 and prior, you will hear that "Psshh" sound.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Shared Audio

31 5/25
KIK message from Jojo to NST mod (Scott- username: 'svolks') to stay in ROF to listen in/spy. She also laughs that an ROF mod left w/o saying goodbye. Jojo thought it was someone other than who I was talking about. BTW- I wasn't mad, I just missed her (the mod) and was a bit bewildered about her abrupt leave. As it turned out, she later told me she was embarrassed to come back, since she left w/o saying anything. She wanted to come back to mod FYI.
32 5/25
Recording of Jojo in ROF under an account named: "Djlover4life". She didn't say anything wrong, but she pretended to be someone else and should not have been in ROF.
Shared Audio
33 5/25
Jojo, and some of the others with her, came into ROF again, according to my mods, but I was away that afternoon/night so I did not copy or record anything.
34 5/25
Around 8 to 9pm PDT user name 'Dj Awesome 1985' came into ROF and keyed up 3 times, blurting out gibberish. Like the kind of gibberish that is sometimes heard on NST. We do not do that in ROF. We are generally mature people. Sure, we can be silly sometimes, but we don't key up and blurt out gibberish. I heard it on my way back home that night from the history, but since I was driving, I was going to save the recordings after I returned home, however, when I remembered to do it, the transmissions were already gone from the history. It's not that important anyway, but it happened, so I mentioned it. The point is though, that sometimes when these people Jojo sent over keys up, it changes the vibe to a lesser quality than usual.
35 5/26 4:28pm PT
NST mod (user name: smokietb) enters ROF. He had never been in ROF until Jojo sent out the email copy (Nancy's email to Jojo) to her mods and possibly others.
36 5/26
4:31 pm PT
Jojo ('Djlover4life') entered ROF and keyed up a few times. I didn't feel there was a reason to share recordings, since she does not and has not said anything bad yet, but she is there and so are many of her mods and users.
37 5/26 5:27 NST mod (user name: smokietb) enters ROF again. What does he want? Intimidation? Spying?

Screenshot 1

38 5/26 11:11pm PT NST mod ('dgeiger07' Name: 'Davey') entered ROF.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

39 5/27 Screenshot of Jojo's trolling/ catfishing account in a mod's list of contact requests. Jojo contacted her on 5/26. Screenshot
40 5/27 One of Jojo's people she invited to ROF returned (user name: forgoten warrior) Screenshot
41 Whenever
Not that this matters much, but since Jojo claims that she is tired of me copying her (see #48)(even though nothing has been changed in ROF in about 3 months, except 1 new program) I will mention this. Screenshot of N.S.T. Alive's profile page. The part: no "Racism/ prejudice/ discrimination" was copied exactly/word for word as ROF has it. Hmmm, coincidence? No way! Copied! (not a big deal, but it shows she is and was snooping around and copying. Or maybe just another way to poke me and say to me: "I'm watching you". The part about "no questioning the rules" was also copied from ROF, but I removed it later to make room for more important text. (What's funny, is she claims I copy her. There are very few similarities in our rules, besides the ones she copied. ROF rules ARE enforced, however...ALWAYS, not sometimes and they don't change based on how I feel about someone. Another "Coincidence" is that 3 days after I created ROF, the NST profile text changed drastically... for the better, It used to be a bunch of text jumbled together in 1 paragraph....then it was laid out in a better format with bullet points, etc. Check out the similarities. It looked way better...but still not as good as ROF's. One more note. Have you seen the NST web site? Yep, black background with fire...REALLY? Fire? What does NonStopTalk have to do with fire, I wonder. Hmm...smells like a wannabe copycat.
BTW- I have 18 years experience in marketing communications (writing marketing copy, marketing document design, web & graphic design, etc), so why I would I need to copy someone with no business or similar experience as I and cannot do any of these things even half as good? Good question, huh?
42 5/22 - 5/30 & beyond
There's been a large influx of new users with newly created accounts coming in during the past few days. I have screenshots, but I will not bother with showing them here, as I have no for sure way to know if they are known associates of Jojo. (How could I know? They are new accounts with no history) As I said, I'm just putting actual proof and observations here...no speculation. After so many of them had entered, I just stopped taking screenshots of them.
43 5/28
Recording in ROF of the troublesome user (username: forgoten warrior) that Jojo invited to ROF, causing more trouble again. (You may notice in the previous recordings of him/Jojo, and NST mod and user or mod where he says he invited her to ROF, but he was never there before. Clearly, she invited him in there, since she knows he can cause a lot of trouble.)

Audio File

44 5/30
I wrote a letter again to the CEO at Zello, along with the above evidence, since Jojo did not take Nancy's suggestion and leave me and my mods alone. No one from Zello replied and according to a source that spoke to Jojo, Nancy at Zello actually read contents of my email to Jojo. It looks like Zello condones cyber-bullying, or at least is willing to look the other way when it comes to offenses made by certain people.
45 6/3
NST mod ('Knotty73') entered ROF. He blurts out insults and obscenities.
Shared Audio

6/19 &
6/21 approx

Two different people contacted me and told me that Jojo asked them to catfish me for recordings, but they did not want to do it. They contacted me 1 or 2 days apart. I do not recall the exact dates, but this is close..
47 6/18
Low^rider is a user who was disrespectful to me in ROF and also told me "Hey Sheryl, go fuck yourself" and was then therefore blocked. He sent an email to me. He is now a mod for NST and he has no good intentions. (You will hear proof of this below) I replied to his email (as well as the last thing he said to me on Zello) on 6/27 and it wasn't a pleasant little "hello, how are you? I miss you". Which anyone could understand. Yes, I shouldn't have replied and told him the same thing he said to me, as I am better than that. I couldn't help it after hearing what he said below. I also sent a KIK message to him. Now, (even though he contacted me and has been up to no good [see #48]), the rumor is that I harassed him. So far, as Jojo's and others' stories goes, if any of Jojo's people try to contact me in any way, if I reply, no matter what I say, even if it's nice or neutral, they call it "harassment". I'm also including a screeshot of a contact request from him under the name 'drlove75'.

Screenshot of his email & my reply


48 6/26
Jojo and her mods conspire to do some dirty low-down things to me and my channel. Most of the conversation isn't here since the person who shared these recordings with me came in late in the conversation. You can clearly tell the conversation was going on for a while before the person who gave me these recordings entered the channel. I know there have been many conversations like this during the past several months taking place in mod channels and in private, I just haven't had any of them sent to me before this.

Shared Audio 1
Shared Audio 2
Shared Audio 3

49 6/26
One of the people in the above conversation ('ALEXUS 1018') came into ROF. I noticed it in my history. When I switched to my sherylz account, she returned about 3 minutes later, which made me believe that someone told her when I was online, triggering her to come into ROF at that time. I didn't key up again and she eventually left. I forgot to get screenshots and recordings this time of what occurred in the channel but I have a screenshot of a contact request from her.
50 6/26
Due to someone spying on my status, etc, I removed about half of my old contacts that mods for NST past and present to eliminate the ability for any of them to contact me or spy on me.
51 6/26
I think some of them did not like that they could no longer spy on me and in less than an hour after removing these contacts, one of the NST mods (Shannon) sent me a contact request. I accepted it. Later, (6/26 in the am) I noticed she came online, so I asked if there is something she wants to say and I would give her 2 minutes to key up, otherwise I would delete her as a contact again. The recording is shared here. Now, after this, Shannon and NST people are spreading rumors that I am "harassing the girl with cancer". Listen to the recording here. Does this sound like I am harassing her? She even thanks me and tells me good luck.

Audio File

52 6/26
(re: #49) Shannon sent me a KIK message. Her tone radically changed from the conversation on Zello we had about 3 hours earlier. No doubt it was because she talked to Jojo and played the conversation Shannon and I had to her.. These are the 'harassing KIK messages' that Jojo, Shannon, etc. have been ranting about. See for yourself how 'harassing' they are. Keep in mind, Shannon made first contact once again. (See # 75 below for a manufactured KIK message that Jojo created and spread around to make me look bad and redirect negative attention of Jojo and her NST tools.)

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9

53 6/26
(re: #49 & 50) A pissed off Jojo sent me a KIK message. I did not reply to her. That has probably made her upset with me further, but I have no desire to talk to that evil girl and be verbally assaulted and insulted any further. I would love to "make peace", but you cannot with someone who does not want to. We called a truce once upon a time, but she went back on her word. I'm guessing she just lied about that, thinking she could breathe a breath of relief, thinking I would be unsuspecting and looking the other way, while she continued on her hate and smear campaign against me.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

54 6/26 (re: #48) I removed the rest of the contacts I could find.  
55 6/26
This isn't evidence, but it may be related and also documents an event. A little background: About 3 months ago, when I opened the glitchy Zello PC app, I discovered that ALL the contacts I had on my 'sherylz' user account somehow appeared in my '*Ring Of Fire' user account. The accounts got crossed some way. The contacts never went away, but I never contacted anyone through there and didn't think I could or that they could contact me since they really weren't contacts of the '*Ring Of Fire' account. One day, when I switched to my *ROF account on my phone, someone who I have as a contact on my sherylz account keyed up and asked "Why do you keep adding me?" Funny thing is, I never did. Anyway, fast forward to 6/26...I heard a beeping noise and discovered it was coming from my PC. It was a Zello alert on my PC coming into my *Ring Of Fire account, where I don't have a single contact (At least, not that I ever added or accepted, they were only there due to a glitch...or hack, maybe? I know this sounds weird, but those who have used this app for a while know that weird things happen on the Zello app. Right?) Well, it was Lilly, NST co-owner, who I had removed just one day prior from my sherylz account. The contacts I removed did not get removed from my *Ring Of Fire account, however, when I removed them from my sherylz account. So....now I had to remove ALL of those contact all over again. Anyway, Lilly's message was to stop contacting NST mods or leave us alone. I don't recall the exact words. I should have screenshotted it. This was clearly in regards to my conversation with Shannon. Shannon is the one who initiated the contact by sending a contact request. I had no interest in talking to her, otherwise I would have already done so. It's bizarre....if I accept one of their contact requests and reply, they come off saying I was contacting and harassing them and for me to stop contacting them. What a weird game! I'm guessing this is some sick game Jojo came up ...probably some time ago, but this was the first time I actually finally accepted any of the requests they have been sending for a long time and replied. Sick, huh?
56 6/27 NST Mod 'roadrunner105' comes into ROF asking about me and wanting to talk to me.

Shared Audio

57 6/27 NST Mod 'roadrunner105' sent an ROF mod a contact request and he accepts. NST mod proceeds with lies and BS.

Shared Audio

58 6/27 Yet another NST mod or one of Jojo's goons harassing me via a KIK message and making false claims about me and insulting me. Screenshot
59 6/27
(re: # 48) When Jojo and her pawns were conspiring in the NST mod channel, an NST mod, ('drea1176') was suggested to be one of the people to do some harassing. She entered ROF and was blocked. I noticed the name in the block list over a week later and asked the mod who blocked her what she did. He explains in the shared recording what she did. Screenshot of block list is also here, as well as a screenshot of the NST mod list to verify she was a mod at the time. Since I didn't find out about this much later, there are no recordings of her trolling ROF.

Shared Audio

60 6/28
(re: #s 56 & 57) I accepted the contact request that 'roadrunner105' sent me on 6/27 and I told him to leave me and ROF alone, then deleted him as a contact, as I do not want to hear anything further from him.

Audio File

61 6/28
The above conversation triggered Jojo to contact an ROF mod and tell him that I was harassing 'roadrunner105', yelled at him, blocked him and that he knew nothing about the claims Jojo made about me. As you listen, you can clearly hear that he knew plenty. BTW-it was an ROF mod that blocked him, not me, but I later said to leave him blocked because we don't want his drama. (It's peculiar that Jojo insists that if an ROF mod enters her channels they are to be blocked instantly, but if one of her mods comes into ROF, she feels that we are doing something wrong). Jojo also proceeded to tell this mod a slew of lies, including a criminal accusation against me, stating that I conspired in accusations that he had pornographic material of a minor, whereas his home was raided. I care about him ($tu007) and would not even do that to any enemy, nor ever had. LIES, LIES! LIES! ALL LIES!!!!!!!. (BTW, there is a flaw in Jojo's story, a track phone cannot call out of the country.)

Shared Audio
Shared Audio

Screenshot of who blocked him.

62 6/28
Another NST mod (Breanna AKA 'livinlarge123') came into ROF and tried to contact me. Here is her message and screenshot of her transmissions, as well as a contact request. It appears that if I had accepted this NST mod's request and talked to her, just as I did with the last 2...again (as in #51, 52 & 59), they would be saying that I was contacting them and harassing them as the claims were before when I accepted contact requests from these NST mods. (She harassed me on 2 other ocassions. See # 78 & 79)

Shared Audio
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

63 6/28
Screenshots of contact requests sent from NST mods to my *Ring Of Fire account over a period of a month or more. Most of these people seen in these screenshots are associated with Jojo or a mod for her. 'Security police', 'ALEXUS108', 'drlove75' ('Low^Rider'), [those 3 are confirmed mods]. 'madman20.20', 'John Marsden', Dj Awesome 1985' , [confirmed associates]. ''100%DramaBitch' (may possibly be Jojo, but I am thinking it is someone who dislikes her). 'GREEN OUT' may be also, but I am guessing not.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

64 6/28
NST mod ('Securitypolice') sends a contact request to my sherylz account. Second screenshot shows the profile that indicates it is an NST mod/owner profile. It looks like it is intended to be intimidating. I am scared! 4 of the other contacts are also NST mods (' livinlarge123'; 'CMT2010' [Lilly];
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
65 6/29
Very short recording of Jojo asking ROF mod that she spoke to on the 28th if he got a recording of me that she asked for on the 28th.
Shared Audio
66 6/30
I created a new account to own the channels (Crown acct.), transferred the channel crowns to it and then deleted the corrupted *Ring Of Fire account. Now, no one can contact me on that account. There were too many contacts on that account and there were never meant to be any. I never added any. I am wondering if anyone else ever had this happen to any of their accounts. Please write to me if you have. I am very curious to know. Thanks!! Also, on the chance that the corrupted account was sending contact requests, now that will also come to a stop.
67 6/30
Jojo sent my mod, Drew, KIK messages. Jojo, desperate to make my mod believe her lies, asks him to call her. So desperate to further her campaign against me, while it crumbles around her, she grasps at all she can, while hanging herself in the process. She clearly is her own worst enemy and now things are back-firing at her. She will never have an ounce of accountability. Instead, she is getting angry at people who don't do what she wants. She should just stop before she makes things worse for herself....But...SHE CAN'T STOP! She is not capable. Her hate is consuming her. She got mad at Drew in this KIK message because he did not agree that my conversation with Shannon was harassing. Temper tantrum!! She actually said she hates him. She lied to him and tried to manipulate him and get him to do dishonest things like she has done to countless others. No one with a logical thought process would agree with anything she says regarding her lies about me and my mods. Why would someone want to harass people for her without her providing a shred of evidence to back up her claims? Good question!! But so many fools actually do just that for her. They believe it all even though she has nothing to back up her lies, except for a few recordings where I am simply relaying the truth. And they did it in a dishonest fashion.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2


One of Jojo's associates (Tom Gatewood) whom I have never spoke to and wasn't aware existed, wrote a harassing message to me on Kik messenger.
69 6/30
A known acquaintance of Jojo, ('Engine 6' Eric Deaton, AKA Deputy Dawg) makes another attempt to contact me as he has been doing repeatedly since I blocked him from my channel. (Update: he has finally opened his eyes to the truth. He was, sadly, screwed over by her.)

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

70 7/1
Another spy (NST mod: 'Mrs. Melf') entered ROF. This time she shared a recording that took place during her visit. Not sure why. There was nothing incriminating or interesting there.
71 7/2
Since I never got a reply from my email to Zello, I wrote to them again, urging them to do something about the above harassing and slanderous behavior. Yes, they saw it all.
72 7/3
Screenshot of the profile of the new NST/FONST channel owner (Shannon). I am guessing that Jojo is afraid of getting banned so she transferred the channels. I hope it stays in Shannon's hands. Now, there may be some hope for the NST channels. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Notice the text on it. It looks like it is intended for me or me and my mods, etc. Does all of this above look like they have been 100% honest? Where is the proof that I have been bothering NST mods, harassing them? Yelling at them? Contacting them? Going into the NST channels? Where is the proof to back up their claims. If they have anything, just look above. Most of it will be refuted by the evidence above.
One of the things that I am pretty sure makes Jojo mad at me....Ring Of Fire being in the #1 spot on the trending list. It was there everyday for at least the first 5 weeks after Ring Of Fire was created, starting from the first day. As far I can tell, she does not like people stealing her thunder and that is why she likely goes into other channels and harasses them, asks them to shut down their channels or come to mod for her, etc. Sorry, this one is speculation, but I wouldn't mention it if I didn't feel strongly it was true and things I've heard supports this.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2


Keep in mind, I have had some suspicions of other odd things that has happened in ROF, however, I said I would keep the speculation to a minimum. I won't post anything here if I do not know it to be a factual event that Jojo or her known associates are involved in. Also keep in mind, I'm sure I didn't retrieve every piece of evidence that has occurred. I am sure there are some things I have overlooked, as I cannot be on ROF constantly monitoring it.

73 7/9
Still, Bill at Zello has not replied to my email and as such, I doubt he has stopped Jojo's behavior. I have still been seeing Jojo's mods in ROF. The only way to stop Jojo, from what I can tell, is to ban her from Zello.
74 7/11 Someone made a hate channel with my name and insult as well as my picture on it. It was made by someone who created an account named "Sheryl Stalker". Well, the info above should show who the real stalkers are.
75 7/12

Just when I think Jojo has reached an all time low, she proves that she can stoop even lower. So, in an attempt to redirect the negative attention (I guess a response to this page. ie: the TRUTH) off of Jojo, she sent her mod Shannon KIK messages and pretended to be me. If you read it, you will see many things that prove that I didn't write it. (As well as evidence that Jojo did.) First off, I would never write anything remotely as immature as that. Secondly, to help Shannon (as I normally do help people as much as I can) I took the time to tell Shannon how people have beat cancer AFTER she left me a nasty KIK message. The point is...why would I say anything nasty like that, then proceed to give her good advice on beating cancer? (see # 52 above for the actual [REAL] KIK conversation we had in it's entirety that she initiated.) Thirdly, I do not write like an under-educated 4th grade dropout. It includes misspellings (do you see misspellings on this page?). Fourth, what the writer of that KIK message missed is that the person who wrote what I allegedly wrote, is the same person who copied those screenshots. Which means that if I wrote it, then I copied the screenshots, then circulate them to people, so they could distribute the screenshots. You see, when someone screenshots a KIK conversation, whoever took the screenshot has what they wrote on the right in green. If I wrote what is on the right, then that would ONLY indicate that I took the screenshot. So, why would I copy screenshots and give them to Jojo or Shannon? If they wanted the screenshots (if the conversation had actually taken place), Shannon could have done that, in which case Shannon's text would be on the right side in green and my (alleged) text would be on the left. In that case, in the upper left corner there would be a picture of me and my username. Fifth: whoever took the screenshot, took it from a phone with AT&T service. I have Sprint service, but Jojo has AT&T service. Hmm... what does that indicate? Do the math!

Jojo has been so desperate to get any evidence of me doing anything bad. In fact, they have tried like heck to piss me off in an attempt to get me to react in a bad way and get real and incriminating evidence, but it hasn't worked, so her only remaining option is to stoop so low as to create false evidence.
Screenshot #1 is copied from a user's profile that received the fake KIK from Jojo. #2 is an original screenshot that Jojo took from her phone and sent to a user, then he Kiked it to me for evidence.
See 'Screenshot 3' for a side by side comparison of one of the screenshots of the Fake KIK conversation (rt) alongside a screenshot from my phone (cr) and a screenshot from Jojo's phone (lt), then decide for yourself which phone the screenshot of the KIK conversation originated from.

Compelled to compare Jojo's spelling to the fake KIK conversation, I went to the NST FB page, and look what I found! See screenshot 4: You will see how in Jojo's FB posts, she spells the abbreviation of NonStopTalk the same way she did on the fake Kik conversation (which is: N.S.T). See, there is no period after the T in that. Look on this page, you will see I type it 'NST', w/o periods. You will also see a screenshot in this compilation where she spells "specially" when she means "especially" just like in the fake KIK conversation. I know how to spell "especially". (You can also look at the FB page to see other screenshots from her phone. You will see 'AT&T' at the top of them. Duh! How could anyone be stupid enough to believe I wrote that, especially after reviewing all the ways I proved I didn't write it, as well as proved Jojo wrote it? She has such guillable associates! There seems to be some commonalities among Jojo's mods and followers: They appear to be naive, rude, ignorant or foolish, and hateful and often young and impressionable.

Screenshots 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

76 7/13
4 NST mods and a regular user left NST in the last 2 days because they are sick of the drama and lies there. (Update: one was fool enough to return. Some people just love drama! So sad!)
77 7/19
Update: Well, this page has been up for 9 or 10 days with nearly 140 clicks to it. No one has come forth with any audible proof to back up one single claim Jojo has made against me. It sounded easy enough, didn't it? Well, I can tell you without hesitation why no one has produced any proof, it's because it doesn't exist and that's because no such thing has EVER occurred. In fact, see entry #75 to see how Jojo manufactured evidence since there isn't any that actually exists.
$500! Doesn't anyone want it?
78 7/19
Yet another person (Breanna Washington, NST mod AKA 'livinlarge123') has harassed and insulted me, yet again. There are 17 swear words in this, so be warned: it is quite foul! I figured it was a matter of time til one of Jojo's people wrote a nasty email to me about Jojo's lies. (See #62 where she harassed me before.) It's so sad people have live on so much hate and believe unsubstantiated lies.
79 7/21
....And the BS goes on... and on... and on. Breanna is a persistent one with a lot of hate. Hate towards me, whom she knows absolutely nothing about other than the fact that I have a channel on Zello. Everything else she thinks she knows about me is merely heresy and lies originating from Jojo and propagated by her associates. It's amazing how someone who doesn't know me or know anything about me can have so much hate and anger toward me. I never met the girl. Here are foul recordings from her filthy mouth. She parked in the channel spying and did a share on some recordings of me and another user, along with some insults for the description. It appears that Breanna ('livinlarge123') is also 'SecurityPolice', since when she left ROF on one profile, the other came in, then it left and the other came in and so on a few times. Screenshots #1 & 2 are images of the recordings she shared. They are not important. #s 3 & 4 are her profiles in ROF. #5 is a contact request from her on my new account. #6 is the lovely profile with another insult toward me. Jojo has some really nasty people around her. Birds of a feather!!

Shared Audio
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6

80 7/25 A user came into ROF and some other channels with a profile with Ring Of Fire as the name, words superimposed over the ROF logo, and words about me and an ROF mod. Luckily, my name is totally wrong on it. In fact, the first name is even incorrect, little does anyone know. LOL. (Shhh.....!!) Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
81 8/15
This user did not create any problems at NST, he was simply blocked for previously being in ROF and Hypagurl's channels. (Guilty by association) Not only was he blocked, but he was put in listen only mode so he couldn't talk for an hour. That's pretty brutal! There are a lot of users that go to many channels, including both NST, ROF and many more. How can anyone keep track of that, let alone condemn anyone merely for going into a channel that Jojo has issues with? He originally didn't say anything bad, it wasn't until he was treated like this. Well, they made it easy for him to decide which channel he chooses to be a part of. He chooses the drama free and fair channel...ROF! Notice in the second transmission where the mod says ROF is a channel that "Jojo has been having problems with"?. What's peculiar is that ROF (or myself or ROF mods) haven't given her problems. Only she and her goons have given us problems. Everything you see above is all her doing and writing to Zello, sharing this info that they suggested I gather, and posting this report is all that has been done in response to all of her BS... so, in a nutshell, all these "problems" were all her own doing, whether done directly or indirectly.
Shared Audio
82 5/5
BS and libelous content posted by Jojo found on NonStopTalk's Facebook page about me and Ring Of Fire on various dates.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

83 8/11 Jojo posted on her account my private information. The legal term for it is known as "doxing", and it is illegal. It is confirmed that is was seen by at least 2 people, since I have a screenshot of it that someone copied from her page or was given to the person, who then came into ROF with his friend to taunt me with it. Secondly, (screenshot 2) a screenshot taken by a user of Jojo's profile: the one that she had it posted on.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

84 8/14 Jojo snooped on ROF's Facebook page and wrote to at least one poster on there (I suspect it was at least 2; those who replied to my post about Jojo's smear campaign/ this page). She actually attempted to sway someone's opinion of her.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

85 8/19 Someone, likely someone who does not like me or ROF because of Jojo's smear campaign, created a profile using ROF's email address. A confirmation email was sent to confirm the account. Screenshot
86 9/6 Someone, likely someone who does not like me or ROF because of Jojo's smear campaign, created this profile and displayed it in Ring Of Fire to harass us. People who come into ROF, who have never talked to Jojo and her associates that propagate her BS have no reason to want to do something like this, therefore, it is my strong assumption that this was motivated by Jojo's BS. Screenshot
87 9/16 An ex-NST user told me that Jojo gave him my phone number and she asked him to harass me. I can confirm it is true as he had my correct number. I am not sure when she did that, I only know when I was told. (Around 9/15-9/17).  
88 9/16 Jojo got a new phone about 3 months ago or so and therefore can get into Ring Of Fire again, She was blocked previously on 2 other accounts, but since she has a new device, she has been lurking in ROF. She came into ROF in the evening under the username 'Freefalling', but by the time I found out, she had already left. She found a user that used to go to NST and bothered him because he was in ROF.  
89 9/25 Yet another one of those stupid harassing profiles that spreads lies about me. This person sent me a contact request. Screenshot
90 8/1 Jojo talking more shit about sheylz .,,,More false claims about whatever she either believes or just lies about that sherylz did. Where is Jojo's proof that sherylz did anything to her? (Listen to 1st recording) The hypocrite talks about how people shouldn't talk crap about people behind their backs, while she does it herself. . What an angry and argumentative girl!!

Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio


8/11 Jojo admits that she put up sherylz's personal information. Digi talks about how Louis sent Jojo sherylz's personal info. Al Knight talks about how he trolled ROF to harass sherylz. Shared Audio
92 10/8 A user told me he contacted Jojo to get recordings of her lies about me,etc. He pretended to be her friend and said lies about me since he knew that's what she would want to hear and to gain her trust. He still pretends to be here friend even now, though his intentions have changed. He is such a liar and manipulator. . By the way, I did not ask this user to get these recordings. He took it upon himself to do so. He asked Jojo to send some proof to back up her claims about me, but she never did produce them........no big surprise there. Since all she says about me is lies and delusions! Jojo said my mods sent her contact requests. She gave names, but those users are not my mods.

Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio

93 10/16 Re: #92. The user spoke to Jojo again to get more recordings. I would like to see these 6 websites she claims I made about her. I wonder if any exist at all. It makes me wonder if anyone ever made one of these websites she mentions. I would like to see these posts she claims I made on her website too. If these posts actually happened (and they probably did since people don't like her, in fact so many despise her) she only has suspicions I had something to do with it, but she has no proof....as always.

Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio
Shared Audio


10/15 I am still receiving contact requests from NST mods, inlcuding Jojo. Maybe I'll put screenshots here later. I don't get what they want. I don't want to have anything to do with them. Why won't they get that?  
95 1/23/2015 jacobschaper (ex NST mod) discusses what Jojo asked him to do to Ring Of Fire. Shared Audio
96 1/24/2015

Breanna (livinlarge123) who previously was an NST mod who did some of Jojo's dirty work, makes a statement to clear her name and explain her actions.
She explains how Jojo manipualted her to do things against ROF, despite her feelings that she was attacking innocent people.

Shared Audio

As you can see and hear Jojo will lie or seriously exaggerate stories and you can hear the very conversations where she says "Sheryl yelled at him and harassed him"...and I am not yelling or harassing. She says "roadrunner105 doesn't know anything about what has been going on"...but you can hear him repeating Jojo's lies about what I am allegedly doing. Jojo said I contacted him, but there is a screenshot of his contact request. You can hear Jojo, saying I am harassing Shannon, but you can hear that I was not. She says to "Stop contacting her mods"...but you can hear Shannon say "I don't know why I added you" which is her admitting that she sent a contact request; making first contact. You can see Shannon's KIK message to me, (where you can see the beginning of it)...again, she initiated first contact there too. Soooo...if anyone is doing any harassing, it is clearly Shannon, roadrunner105, Jojo, and all the others.

After I emailed the CEO at Zello, he sent my email to Nancy for her to take care of the situation with Jojo, since she has been in communication with Jojo. However, because of this, Nancy is obviously biased and is not the best person to deal with the situation. This is her reply to me:

Hi Sheryl,

Bill asked me to reply to you about your email.  I understand your concerns.  We prefer to warn users, especially ones who are long-time Zello users, before just banning their accounts. If after a warning, they persist, then we take action. We also require documentation showing a pattern of repeated violations with blatant and total disregard of guidelines. I noticed that you included some voice clips that showed this person used foul language. Given the context of the conversation, I could understand why the person got upset and angry to the point of swearing. If we had to ban every account where people got upset, angry, and swore, we'd have very few users left.

But we do have guidelines and standards for our channels on Trending, especially the filtered ones.  I have warned the NSF owner to refrain from going into your channel, contacting your users, mods, or talking about ROF on her channel. Also to watch her language, or we will require a 18+ rating if it persists.The same guidelines would apply to your channel. Please tell your mods/users to not talk to or about NST users or mods in a derogatory manner. Don't go into NST and engage with NST users in attempts to switch to your channel or make derogatory statements about the NST owner. 

We want to keep both your channels on Trending, but if the situation escalates to where you can't coexist peacefully, then we will have to remove both of the channels from Trending. We really don't want to do that.  We want to keep Zello a welcoming environment and count on channels like yours and NST to increase Zello's popularity. We appreciate that you are trying to help us by offering a channel that engages in interesting topics and informs people. 

Thanks for your cooperation

As you can see, Nancy says that if evidence is brought to them, that action will be taken. I provided them with much of the above evidence and more and nothing was done as promised. In fact, I did not even receive a reply from anyone at Zello at all. Furthermore, I spoke to someone the day after I emailed the above evidence, who spoke to Jojo and he said that Nancy spoke to Jojo and actually had the audacity to breach the confidentiality of my email and read some of it to Jojo. And, according to this source, Jojo said Nancy said that if I continue to harass Jojo (I guess bringing evidence to Zello that they asked for is considered harassment) that I (an innocent person) would be banned.

Also note, in the last paragraph of Nancy's reply to me, that she says if the situation escalates, that both channels would be removed from the trending list. So, if I understand this correctly... why would I have to suffer consequences of Jojo's actions? When Jojo and her mods are the only one engaging in harassment. Jojo has escalated the situation, as I brought to Zello's attention, but all I did is just that....gather evidence and report it. How is this right? Removing ROF from the trending list if Jojo's behavior escalates is not an acceptable solution to the problem. It would not make Jojo or the others stop.

Jojo did not take Nancy's advice of leaving me and ROF alone. So....where is the action taken that was promised?

PS- If there's any further harassing towards me or my mods, criminal charges for cyber-harassment will be submitted against any such person who engages in these criminal actions.


I created Ring Of Fire out of kindness. I saw people weren't being treated as well as they should have been in most channels (including NST and FONST) and saw a need for a good channel like ROF, where respect is the most important thing and the rules were strongly enforced. I never created it to bump NST down from the #1 spot and piss off Jojo and prove I can do anything better. I did not deserve this harassment due to my endeavor. No one is entitled to anything on Zello, including the #1 spot on the trending list most of the time. It should not be so important that someone fight for it or hate for it. I did a good job at Ring Of Fire. There are skills and traits I possess that Jojo desires and envies, but that isn't a valid reason to start with her shit. Right after I created ROF, a couple NST mods left there and came to Ring Of Fire because NST was not an environment they found pleasing, but ROF was/is. That, again, is not another valid reason to start in with harassment and lies.

A lot of people are and have been very happy that I created ROF. Finally, they could go to a great channel with good, sensible rules that are actually enforced and don't change on a whim. They had a place they could go to feel comfortable in, receive support, have deep conversations on a variety of subjects, create lasting friendships and talk about anything going on in their lives. They are treated fairly, as they should be. Jojo couldn't understand why ROF became popular so quickly. It's because of these things I mentioned and more. I don't think she could grasp these concepts. Based on what I have heard her say, she seems to think that numbers (the number of subscribers and users in a channel) is what makes a channel good or the best. Those numbers never mean a thing to me. I would rather have half the users and 10 times better conversation with respect than a bunch of people with small talk getting rudely cut off after 20 seconds. I would never want that for a channel, it wouldn't make me proud, and don't care if ROF never has 100k subscribers. My self esteem is not dependent on those numbers and you will never see a picture of me on the channel profile, because I don't need people to look at me and give me attention. I am not a narcissist... like our poor Zello victim (drama queen)......



If you too have any complaints about the way Jojo has treated you or anyone you care about, there's a petition to ban her from Zello. Take a stand for justice and stop sitting on your duff and complaining to people who cannot do anything but listen and agree. Zello needs to know about how she has mistreated you and/or others. Go to the petition here.


Dear NST/FONTS Mods and Acquaintances;

This is for you if you have done any of these things above or anything like it, because either Jojo asked you to or you took it upon yourself to do it, motivated by the lies she told you about me and my mods. YOU HAVE BEEN USED! You may have thought you were doing something noble and protecting her, but instead, you were just furthering her harassing behavior and attacking an innocent person who has only helped people on Zello in countless ways. I have never been so insulted in my life! I have never been accused of doing anything remotely like what Jojo claims and it is because I never have done anything like it. I have a spotless record without any criminal arrests. If the above evidence does not convince you of anything....you are a blind fool and I feel more sorry for you than I already have!

Don't keep helping her. Criminal charges will be filed against you if you do. Don't you have anything better to do with your life than fight someone else's battle against a peaceful person? I'm a kind, caring, and liked person who installed AN APP and created a good channel!! So why do I deserve to be harassed for that? It's an app, for God's sake, people! Grow up and back down! Get a life, get therapy, and/or find a better role model to follow! BUZZ OFF, CREEP!!

PS: How stupid can you be if you still believe her lies after seeing the evidence above?
PSS: You are all forgiven. You were just naive and manipulated. Only Jojo does not deserve my forgiveness since she is malicious and truly evil.

Jojo is such a BIG liar. Her usual "go to" lie about someone (I guess when she can't think up a lie fast enough...?) is to claim someone is a pedophile. She even calls women pedophiles. What lies has she told you? If you have any recordings or screenshots of Jojo's bullshit lies, nastiness, trolling, harassment, or asking you or others to do dishonest things, please email them. Don't forget to flag her channels if you have been mistreated in her channels or heard anything against the channel rules. If Jojo comes or has come into your channel or a channel you mod for and harassed people or bothered you privately, flag her account. The same goes for anyone who behaves inappropriately. That's what that flag is for; to report bad behavior.


To anyone reading this;

My advice to you is to steer clear of the drama and lies and things will work out better for you on Zello. There are some good people and channels on it where you can enjoy your time, still, with little to no BS. Ring Of Fire is one of those drama free channels where you will find respect and good conversation. Just listen for yourself if you haven't been there. We would never tell you what to do or not to do and never ask you to stay away from another channel or ask you to do something that is wrong. Because we care, we may only warn you of something if we feel it is not a good environment, but ultimately it is your choice what you do. Just remember to use your OWN judgment, not someone else's.

Take care!

Sheryl Zaed


PS- If you don't want to be on this report, don't behave like a bully for Jojo. SIMPLE AS THAT!

Why Me? Why I am one of Jojo's targets and one of her biggest?
The info below has helped me to understand to some degree and may inform you too.
The kind of behavior Jojo displays thoroughly appears to be that of narcissistic sociopaths.
Read about "narcissistic sociopaths" to reveal insight into the mind of people like Jojo.

More about these types of people here or here. They frequently use smear tactics against those who are envied by the abuser.

I also discovered that these types of people find a likely target in those who are empathic. Being an empath (and counselor), this also helps me to understand why I was chosen as a target..

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